Monday, July 20, 2009

Well a new week has dawned and we have big news at RHB. Before I get to that I want to mention that Turkey Creek beagle club is a fun group of guys to be around. We really enjoyed our day in the mountains with those guys.
I made a video of Doug Grant talking while we were driving. I'll try to get it uploaded.
Oh ya, to clear up any misunderstanding, I was not trying to discourage anyone from getting started in breeding dogs. If you have thought it through and done your due diligence to insure all the puppies you produce will be properly cared for then by all means have at it.
Now for the news; Ken Murray is Engaged to his lovely girlfriend Andrea! I don't have a date for the wedding but will keep you posted. No word on whether Ken will be allowed to stay all day on hunting trips. Seriously, congratulations Ken and Andrea!

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