Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It's dark thirty and I find my self sitting on the front porch listening to little Daisy solo a rabbit. We finally got a rain shower. In fact one Monday and then again today. The grass has turned delightfully green and the dogs can smell again. I think I may have broken my record for days of running in the month of July. I think now i have only missed Monday and have had several two a day races. I may have run more early in my career but July has always been a slow month for me and dog running. It's mostly one hot dry day after another and and after all, I have to make a living sometime:(
Form the sound of this pup I have out the smelling is real good this evening. I hope she circles it back around by the house as I don't want to have to fight my way into that area she is in.
I lasted blogged on Sunday and little Daisy is and Princess were running. Well I broke a shaft on my bush hog and needed to go to town and see if I could the a replacement. I didn't want to leave them out so I went and caught them. I had my son Mason with me and he and I rode over on the mule to catch them. I got close to them and luckily saw the rabbit. I put Mason down in a grassy spot (he's only16 months old) and got on the line to catch the dogs. Just as I was putting the leash on Princess I got hit my wasp right in the eye brow! I looked up to see a swarm. I hurried for cover grabbing up Mason as I to to him. I hooked those little female sot the back of the mule and took off. THAT WAS CLOSE! I was so thank full I put Mason down before I got to the dogs. Amy may not have let him go run dogs again till he was 10 if he'd gotten stung.
I'm attaching a picture I took an hour ago of Mason and Anna picking blue berries. Check out the rabbit cover in the back ground.
Oh ya, that pup is really giving that rabbit fits right now. I imagine tonight is about the first time she's ever been run when scenting was decent. I think she may be a good one!
Oh ya more news from the front. Legacy had her pups today. Looks like their were 4 of them. They are all looking good and have plenty of strength.

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