Thursday, May 08, 2008

If I could change one thing about our field trials, what would it be?
Judges would not take the loss of a rabbit so lightly! I believe it should be common practice to not allow the hounds who have taken part in a lost rabbit to place in the field trial.
Do you think that is harsh? If so, you have a lot lower standards than I do. Here's what needs to happen. If a pack of hounds looses a rabbit, and it's not due to outside interference, the judges should order up one or more hounds who in thier opinion is resposible for the loss. The pack would not be handled at a loss. If a rabbit is lost and the judges feel like no hound or hounds have caused the loss due to faultynees, judges should determine the hounds to be of inferior quality and not considered for advancement into second or subsequent series. Packs would be completed or "handled" while the hounds were running.
You wouldn't allow your hound hound to loose rabbits while you were rabbit hunting, don't allow it at field trials. The future of the breed depends on it.