Thursday, May 24, 2007

Do you ever here peopel complain about the cost of fuel, bulding material, or just about anything else? I hear one guy say our government needs to stop sending our money over sees.
All that sound good but who is sending money over sees? The fact is, it ain't the goverment nearly as much as it's the Amercan consumer. Look at the parking lot of Walmart. Who is in their buying all that chineese product? The same people that complain about the price of gas! We buy cheap chinese product so the the Chineese need to buy fuel for thier manufacturing plants and cars. 30 years ago we were the only real market the oil companies had. Today any number of countries will gladly buy it.
Who's to blame? Ask your self, where were your shoes made? We've done this to our sleves. This insationable appetite for cheap goods will not end any time soon.
The next time you buy something, give a little thought as to the country of origian.