Friday, July 17, 2009

Hey you want to hear something insane? I am going to judge a trial tomorrow. Yes, I know it's July...I think I may have flipped my lid. The only saving grace is we have had a little break in the summer weather and tomorrow is only supposed to be around 84 degrees. Hopefully I want have a heat stroke.

Also, I've decided to start adding a picture with every post. They have have nothing to do with beagles so just ignore them if you want.

Here's something that just popped into my head while I was look at the pups out of Rocky and Legacy today: Mating a male and female dog and investing a little money in dog pens and then claiming to have a breeding program is like me buying a paint brush and some canvas, renting a studio and calling my self an artist!
I think some people truly believe breeding dogs is like adding numbers. You just add 3 + 4 and it equals 7.
If you want them to look a certain way, run a certain way, bark a certain way, for gods sake wag their tale a certain way......... Ohhhh never mind if you don't get my drift then it is probably pointless to try and explain it.
Another thing while I'm on a rant, what about a dog that couldn't even be taken rabbit hunting that was advertised so much people just started believing in the hype. The promoters just kept telling their spin counting on new people to come to the light...... and they do, at least some do. It blows my mind at how gullible people are.
Does any body run dogs for fun anymore? I know one guy who I think does. I think he runs dogs and truly has a good time doing it. Here is a link to his site...he has some really good videos. I need to talk him into coming down here and videoing for me.


Anonymous said...

actually, an artist DOES begin by buying paintbrushes and renting a studio. Just for the record.

bush river beagles said...

scott thanks for your help with bell she come back every time now with the collar . keep up the good work. thanks for the much needed help& Q & A. Still want to come & run with you and those real rabbit DOGS. Fill free to call on me any time.