Thursday, February 09, 2012

I radn dogs with Doug yesterday. I did get to shoot a few minutes worth of video of some young females in hot pursuit of Mr bunny.

Young female beagles


Bruce said...

Just wondering where that yellow dog came from, never thought i would see that color in your kennel, lol. I watched that video to try and get a judge on Pacers speed of 7. Can you follow Pacer like those pups and video her?

Scott Wilson said...

Hi Bruce, great question. Pacer will not be quite so easy to follow. Threed dogs like Pacer would be nearly impossible for most men. If you ran her alone, I could make a video in a place like this one was shot in. The cover is not think and I could get around real good. Pacer is significantly more pewerfull than these pups.
Thanks for your question

Scott Wilson said...

It just hit me I never answered your first question about the yellow beagle. Rocky's mother was a yellow dog. Her name was Pac Gap Sandy. Sandy was breed by Dean Moorhouse of Chatanooga TN. Sany's sire was FC wirght stuff Billy Boy