Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here's what I had my mind on tonight. Have you ever seen two dogs run just a like? I haven't. I got to thinking about that and just realized I never saw it. Sure there's many that are similar but just a like? I don't know how many different beagles I've seen run, I'm not even sure how I could figure it out but it would certainly have to be upwards of 10,000. I can't ever recall two that ran exactly the same. Much like you'll never see two people who are identical (except for the occasional identical twins,) you'll never see two dogs who run exactly the same. Hmmm.

I was running dogs last night and the dang ole rabbit ran right by the house. I was bracing Big Boy and Lady Bird and they both have huge mouths. My wife opened the bedroom window and gave me down the road for running so late. It was about midnight and scenting was just great. She told me the next day she put cotton in here ears. LOL I kept poor Anthony Smith on the phone till almost 1:00 AM forcing him to listen. He kept trying to hang up and go to bed but I forced him to listen to those dogs run.:) Let me see what picture or video I have on my phone. It's my son Mason just checking the oil in the Bush hog. Don't worry the tractor is off and the key is nowhere close.

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