Sunday, August 02, 2009

Can you believe August is here? We've had a stray storm or two come through this week so scenting has been excellent. I've took advantage of it by running some young dogs. I'm amost ready to put them away for a while and start working on a couple I want to trial. The AKC national Championship is comig up the first week in October and I need to get a couple ready for that as well.
I'm pasting up a video of 4 pups ( I suppose they are young dogs now insead of pups) I just went out and caught. I turned them loose about 9:30 last night and caught them a little after noon today. As you can see they are about done for but they are still trying. Take a look at the energy the bluetick out of Cocoa Blue and Sadie is showing. She kind puts me of mind of her grandmother, Oopsy Daisy.

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