Thursday, December 28, 2006

Just a quick note to say hello. I hope every one is getting a good start on thier rabbit season. I've had the opportunity to go a half dozen or so times this fall. I have indeed heard some great races. All that breeding and raisign of puppies has surely paid off! I was in Middle Ga, earlier this week and I had five Star pups on the ground. Four of them are 07 derbies. I turned thenm out after lunch break and they had been running the rabbit for well over an hour when I decided to start following (since I was way too ansie to stay still enough for a shot.) I could only smile when I started watching. In fact I saw the rabbit twice in 10 minutes by following the dogs. It was obvious he was getting winded and was starting to stay still way too long as the dogs continued to push. He crossed the dirt road and then the dogs split. I pulled them back together but I must have chose the fresher rabbit as they never did catch him. I got to shoot a few in front of these pups and boy did they like it.

My neapolitan mastiffs were born on the 13th. Boy those things are big. They are two weeks old now and they are the size of a six week old beagle. You can see some pictures here.

I also have som Star pups ready for thier new homes. If you want one give me a call. They will make you smile come next fall!

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