Monday, November 20, 2006

Well, I finally got my first rabbit hunt under my belt this year. It sure has been a long time coming. In SC, our gun season starts thanksgiving day. In fact, as a small children, my father would always take me and my brother Ray hunting every Thanksgiving morning. Any way, rabbit hunters in other states don't have to wait so long. In fact, Indiana hunters get to start enjoying the hunt on October 1st every year.
This crazy beagle hobby has allowed me to make many friends I would other wise never know. Two such men are Mr. Bob Anderson and Colonel Bill Davis of Indiana. Bob and the Colonel had been down to breed some bitches to Star so I really needed to get up their and see how the pups turned out ;)
The first obstacle I had to get over was simply get out of Town. I got off work and started getting my stuff together, loading dogs, etc.. About 3:00PM. If finally got on the road about 5:15 and rolled into Terre Haute, Indiana about 4:00AM. Bob had been very gracious about inviting me to his house but I didn't want to wake him up. I took a short nap in the truck (thanks Cracker Barrel) got me a cup of coffee and was at Bob's by 6:00AM. Soon after the Colonel arrived and were off to breakfast and rabbit hunting (dang it! Work is calling again!) Please let me know if you want to read all the details of the hunt. Just suffice it to say Bob and Colonel Davis are sure fine gentlemen and are very knowledgeable rabbit hunters. We killed 13 rabbits that day. Here is a picture.

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