Monday, September 24, 2007

If you take the time to read my blog let me say thank you. I understand I am hard to follow most of the time. I'm not versed in forming paragraphs the proper way. Shucks, I feel pretty fortunate when I get a sentence complete. Only to be out done by the fact that I am one of the worst spellers to be allowed a public forum.
It's time I make sure everyone who follows my blog is aware of a an outstanding son FC Covington Cocoa Star. His name is G & S Slab Town Boogie Man. Slab is out of a very good rabbit hunting bitch named Carolina Judy. Judy was a no nonsense female. She was as solid as they come and didn't mind doing her work. She hunted very good, would run up in the engine room and would honor the work of her pack mates. I sold Judy to Rev. Jeff Griffith with an agreement he could breed her to Cocoa Star. The product of this breeding was a great litter. Their were 5 pups. Three male and two females. All 5 pups earned 1st place ribbons at UBGF Derby trials!
Of these 5 really good dogs one was something special. The kind you just don't see every day. Fact is you don't see a dog like this every year. I would venture to say most folks who might be a casual observers of the field trials and keep a good pack of rabbit hunting dogs may never get to see a dog like this in their life. Slab comes out of the box with a certain presence about him.
Any way, I started on this entry to let everyone know about a possible history making event. So far no AKC gundog beagle has earned his Field Champion title in just three trials. That would make him undefeated! Slab town has been entered in two AKC trials. The first was a Gundog Brace format held at Friendship Hill, Md. on Sept. 8th Where he won the first place ribbon out of 62 13" males. Slab was handled by Mr. Todd Herndon of Stokesdale, NC. Next Slab was entered at the SPO trial held at Quail Farm beagle club in Mebane, NC on Sept. 21. This time their were 92 little males in the class. Slab was co handled by Todd Herndon and Jared Griffith( one of Rev. Griffiths boys.) Once again Slab displayed his talents with an outstanding winners pack run to win the class.
The next trial on our fall circuit will be at Mountain Valley in Gretna Va. On Oct, 5th. Slab Town will have a chance to be the first ever undefeated AKC Gundog Field Champion. Wouldn't that be great! The fact is Rev. Griffith (Preacher) has worked very hard with his dog this summer. He allowed him to run nearly every day, including the month of August when it was over 100 degrees nearly every day. It is nice to see hard work pay off.
Whether Slab wins Mountain Valley or not, it should not take away from the fact that this is a very special dog. There are a number of good dogs at the trials. Several of them could win on any given day. They are breed good, they have owners or paid handlers who spend a lot of time running them. Those dogs will have their day as well, but for now, it looks like it's a Slab Town world.

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